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Yoshimura exhaust

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I just bought a Yoshimura complete dual exhaust for my 660 off a local classified website. Should be here later this week, has or does anyone have this exhaust system. How do you like it?
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Hell yeah, just got one last month off this forum, make sure and go richer on your jetting, major improvement throughout...
Cool. Do you know if the 04 exhaust are different from the 05 through 07 exhaust?
Cool. I'm super stoked to get it put on!
when you get a chance post some pics and some sound clips
Ya it shipped out yesterday. Hopefully be here Thursday or Friday. I'll get some feedback up as soon as I get it on.
The exhaust showed up today. Practically looks brand new. Hopefully I can get some time over the holiday weekend to get it put on. I'll post up some pics and video when I do.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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