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I recently purchased a used 660 to swap for my 450 and I payed extra to get the Dragonfire Racing dual exhaust. I thought I was going to install the exhaust, but I have changed my mind and now I'm looking to sell it so I can buy an OEM exhaust. The machine this exhaust was originally installed on was a 2007. I don't know how many hours it was used or anything about it, except that was going to be louder than I want to be cruising around the forest with.

I will consider selling this outright and shipping it anywhere in the US, or trading for your stock exhaust and some extra cash. Im located in New Mexico and am ready to ship. Call me at 505-787-1400 and let me know what you got or what you offer.

Thanks, Carlos

I wil post pictures soon, I haven't figured out how to post pics from an iPad...
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