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Do any of your Rotax owners have a set of sheaves in really good condition for sale? Mine is an 06 with clutches in extremely poor condition.......I'm either going to buy a nice set of takeoffs from someone who has upgraded to aftermart, or go with new aftermart components myself.....

On my primary sheave movable spider, 6 of the 12 teflon buttons (the load side) have rubbed into the fixed hat so far that I now have metal to metal contact between the 2....new buttons will only help temporarily ....the fixed hat is total junk for a recycler

On my secondary sheave, basically the 3 sets of triple sliding grooves between the inner and outer halves are toast also.....while they still slide OK, the signs of Rotax power into a heavy SxS with macho paddles is apparent by these very poor looking sheave grooves....again, a piece for the recyclers

If the Commander sheaves would work, that is a viable option as there are many take offs in brand new condition....I've not researched this in depth yet, but have read that the difference may be pretty significant for proper engagement and shift out, let alone if they physically interchange at all....Thanx for reading

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