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WTB Long Travel

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WTB Mid Travel kit

Looking for a Used mid Travel for a 660 Rhino only want +6 I already have shocks just looking for good kit that makes my rhino 3 inches wider per side.
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We have the XMF kit, brand new, arms axles walker evans shocks, powder coated for $4000

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look in the market place or post this thread there. i did the same thing and had lots of replys and had a lt kit in less than 2 weeks
Cognito motor sports!!! +6 long travel is the best out there with there shock towers, fox boc shocks and summers brothers axles you cant go wrong.
COGNITO and they have the best customer service crew out there
Just to confirm, you are looking for a +3 Kit right? (That would make your rhino 3" wider on both sides, for a total of 6" wider)?

(Just want to be sure, as some people have suggested kits that are 6" wider on each side, for a total of 12" wider.
Yes wanting a kit that makes it 3 inches per side wider.
What do you currently have? It already looks wider??
What do you currently have? It already looks wider??
It is a plus three just had alot of problems with it.
What kit are you running now that is giving you problems?
Do you want to sell the kit you have now after you get your new one?
I will sell it after I find a new or good used one.
What kit do you have now???? Any good places to ride at where your from?
Count me in for the purchase of your existing kit... after we discuss the problems you're having.
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