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I was riding up at elevation 9,000 ft andthe rhino began cutting out as if it wasnt jetted right. I thought that was it so I just pressed on until we got home. Then we rode from the cabin to a lake 5 miles away at only 5,500 ft. It was still doing it unless I had the pedal mashed down all the way. I was about 1/8 mile for returning home and it shut off, sounded like it ran out of gas. There was a little fuel in there but not much.

I filled it up and still nothing, we towed it back, removed the seats and cover and started looking. It bogs down when I give it gas while trying to start it so I think its getting fuel just fine.

I went to pull the plug wire and the wire came apart from the plug cap. I screwed it back in and still wont start. Contacted Chris at Benchmark who built my engine, and he said to try the cap and plug. I am just wondering while i am waiting for that if anyone has any suggestions to try? I am thinking wire/coil if its not this issue.

thanks guys.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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