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Hello all,

I have a 2004 660 that I have ongoing issues with.

The machine will fire up, run and drive normal for about 5-15 minutes. Within that timeframe as soon as I decelerate to a stop it chokes out and shuts off. Then will not fire up again.

Seems to be a spark issue. I replaced the fuel pump with the WEllen high volume fuel pump as I mainly use it around the farm and to grade our riding ring at slow speeds. At first it seemed to be a vapor lock problem (maybe it still is) but after replacing the pump it ran well for about a week. So,times it will fire up, run, then die out a few minutes later and then some days it will not fire up at all. Very inconsistent. Rebuild engine with about 100 hours, good compression, new fuel pump, all new exhaust, new ignition coil.

Then checked spark and had no spark so replaced the plug and ignition coil. It fired up but then choked out within a few minutes and would no restart. I replaced the new coil and plug with the old ones and it ran fine for a few days only to do the same thing. It has been a constant frustration with this thing. Need it for yard work and it will never run consistently.

Need help. Thank you all in advance.
Did you check your fuel filter and fuel lines? I was having similar issues with mine a while back and it ended up being a hairline crack on the fuel line where it goes into the filter.
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