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I made a 2" receiver for the front of my Rhino, and mounted my Venom 4500lb winch on 2" square tubing with a hitch pin. I then ran two sets of winch electrical cables to the front and back of the Rhino so I can run the winch from either the front or back. When I'm not using it the winch stays in my mini Rhino tool box (like pick-up's use). That way if I go down a ditch blocking the front of the Rhino I can take it out of the tool box and pull myself out using the rear hitch and vice-versa. To use the winch on your son-in-law's quad you would need to get another relay box.

That "Winch in a Bag" is no big deal if you wanted to make your own, since 2500lb isn't much pulling power.

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