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I'm aware there are a plethora of threads on this subject but that's part of the problem...too much information to sift through, so I'm starting a new thread here that hopefully will address my specific questions and issues.
I recently acquired a 2007 660 Rhino from my dad. He used it primarily with his old retired buddies to go trail riding. One of those old buddies of his was kind enough to give me a snow plow pusher tube he had laying around, a Moose unit I think. I'll need to fabricate the bottom mounting bracket, which is no biggie, and I've purchased a winch to operate the plow. I also need to make a mounting plate for the winch.
My main question at this point is if the place I want to mount the winch is adequately strong. It's a cross bar on the front tubular bumper. I think it will be fine especially considering that plowing snow will be the main thing that the winch is used for. I welcome ideas and constructive feedback. Thanks!

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