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Why do I see so many Polaris for sale everywhere?

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Is it because Polaris is a POS brand or more popular? Since 90% of what I see is Polaris brand UTV, ATV, etc I was just wondering why so many are for sale.
I see a few Kawasaki Mule UTV but hardly any Honda or Yamaha brands.
Just wondering if anyone else thinks they are a lot of unhappy Polaris owners.
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Because Polaris continues to keep manufacturing known problems again and again. There front diff for example is just plain awful. The axle splines ride in a cup and not in the diff where they would be in oil. And the problem with this is as water and mud get in there it begins to rust and wear. Before long you can grab the front axles and shake them like a sheet in the wind. No BS, a friend of mine had a RZR 1000 and you could grab the front axles and shake them and it had 700 miles on it. Another problem was the front drive was out of sync and came like that from the factory. When riding in these things it feels like the front end is falling off.Electrical problems are another problem,Polaris likes putting components and such low so that it gets to run in water and mud all the time. What could go wrong right? They are hunks of **** and the Polaris following can't be reasoned with because they are the best. You get about 2000 mile before your Polaris starts fcking you. That is probably why so many go up for sale.
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My ATV guy warned me against Polaris's...said that was the brand that keeps him in business...probably why you see so many for sale
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