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Hi guys, I'm a newb to the forum. First time Rhino owner (or any powersport for that matter). Bought a used '06 660 SE...will get delivered in a couple of weeks.

It has the stock alloy 5-spoke wheels and tires. Don't really care for them that much and want to look at a different setup. I've done some searching and have learned the stock setup is 4x110 with 5+2 offset.

I won't be doing much trail riding (if any at all). No sand or water holes. Will basically use it as a working toy around the house and to plow some snow (I'm in St. Louis area). I do not want to invest in a lift kit or any type of suspension mods. Just looking for some advice on a good wheel setup that will give the Rhino some better looks.

I'm kinda leaning towards a 14" rim but want to hear the pros/cons of 14" vs 12". I've never really been a fan of wheel spacers, but hey, let's hear what the pros say. I'm okay with widening the stance a bit and definitely want a tire that's taller than stock. I prefer safety and like the deep dish look but don't want it to be so aggressive that we get pelted inside with mud and water, nor do I want to lose a lot of power.

Please post suggested wheel and tire sizes including width and offset (and whether your suggestion would require spacers)...pics would also be great.

I'll apologize in advance if this has been answered 100 times already. I did some searching and have pieced some threads together but haven't found enough info yet. Great forum and I really do appreciate the help!
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