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I don't think anyone will hang you out to dry here. We all should wear a helmet but I personally have not. I own one and have not used it. I know I should wear it.

I've been looking for an easier solution and not so bulky as a motorcross helmet. several I like is the bicycle and smowboard helmets and the simpson pit helmet that the blue site claims is there exclusive but is available online directly from Simpson.
I agree with your thoughts.

I am not the primary operator of our Rhino. I have the YFZ for me. It's obvious why I gear up to ride.

When we are using our Rhino to work around the place and haul stuff I don't wear protective gear of any kind. Guilty as charged.

When we go to the dunes I will have something for her to wear on her lid. Haven't figured out what way I want to go yet. But she will be wearing something.

I like some of the ideas you guys have posted though. Keep them coming.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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