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Wedding Night UTV Fatality

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Nicholas Hoag Dies In An ATV Accident Hours After His Wedding - Carbonated.TV

A bride was made a widow on her wedding night after her husband was killed while going on a drunken joyride with his brother.

Amber Sartori is being comforted by friends and family after the tragic death of her husband Nicholas Hoag.

The 25-year-old died after being thrown from an all terrain vehicle and pinned underneath the vehicle.

The ATV was being driven by his brother who is suspected of being drunk.

Hoag had gone out for a late night drive with his younger brother a few hours after leaving his own wedding reception.

Police in Dover Plains, New York, said the brothers were thrown from the ATV after striking a tree.

A preliminary investigation revealed that alcohol played a part in the deadly crash.

'It appears that alcohol was a factor in the accident,' New York State Police Sgt. L. Daniele said. 'Christopher Hoag was charged with driving while intoxicated. Further charges are pending.'

The grieving widow, a nurse, was being comforted at her home.

'It's like a living nightmare,' said her father Michael Sartori, 55.

'She's with us and she's not going anywhere until she's ready,' he said.

'She's surrounded by friends and family.'

Sartori and Hoag had married in front of 30 friends and family at the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Sherman, Connecticut.

Their reception was held at the Inn at Dover Furnace.

Police said 23-year-old Christopher Hoag owned the ATV and is thought to have been riding on trails in the area.

Nicholas Hoag was transported to New Milford Hospital in Connecticut where he was pronounced dead as a result of blunt force trauma to his head, chest and abdomen, state police said.

Christopher Hoag was taken to Saint Francis Hospital in Poughkeepsie for non life-threatening injuries and then later sent to Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla.

A state police investigation revealed the brothers were driving aboard a Can-Am Commander 1000 UTV, a high-end, four-wheeler with a powerful V-twin engine, when it struck a tree and flipped over on the road.

Source: Daily Mail
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that's terrible....

but I woulda been doing something else after my receptions....not driving a utv with my brother
So sad ...am sharing this around our ohv community

sent by TapaTalk ...please excuse brevity
that sucks big time.

lets hope they dont try and sue can-am
ya they did have a "not suitable for honeymoon adventures" stickers on it...
I had my wedding 5 years ago at my house. To my surprise my kids hung a just married sign and some cans on the back of my Rhino and I rode around with the new wife on board to everyone's delight so this is hard to take.
Read about this story on Monday on a different forum. Horrible. This situation could have been avoided. I would hate to be the brother that was driving.
that just sux for them all.. I cannot understand the notion of driving these thing after drinking or driving anything for that matter.. We had 4 young kids killed at graduation here after drinking and after the funeral his friends went drinking and driving.. JUST STUPID! Families changed for ever..
This does suck! Seat belts? Seems that is always missing in these deaths. Always click it!

Sent from my DROIDX
And at the end of day some one tries to blame the UTV for the failure of the operator to act responsibly. I am not saying don't hqve a drink. Just be smart. I feel very bad for the bride and family left to deal with the tragedy and saddest of situations which could have been avoided.
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