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Welcome from WV !!!

That seems to be pretty low miles...and the price seems fair for all of the add ons you have listed. The only things that would make me really check the bike good; are , the snorkel kit, and the "larger" tires. To me, that means this bike has been in DEEP mud or water more than once...not saying that's a bad thing...just saying look it over REALLY GOOD!!! Jack it up and check all the wheel bearings, ball joints, tie rods, ect. ("larger" tires will cause premature wear on all of these components).
A stock bike will do around 40-41 mph...with the "upgraded" computer, it will more than likely be faster than that...and those larger tires will affect what the speedo reads. If you decide to buy this...try and talk him down 300 bucks so you can buy a Hot-rod sheave from James...it'll really wake that thing up with those bigger tires, giving you CRAZY bottom end !!
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