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Top for custom cage

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What kind of tops do you guys have on your cages and what is the best way to fasten it. I took my to get a custom top put on my four seater cage and the guy wants to use canvus and snaps. I wanted to have wrap it around the cage and velco to it's self. He told me it will be to loose and it won't work good. I think that would look cleaner then using snaps. He wants to charge me $300.00 bucks is that too much? Any input would be helpful thanks.:1zhelp:
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I know a guy that will do it for $225. He uses velcro and it will be tight enough you could play a drum solo on it. Just joking. He builds tops for Desert Toyz and AEO. IM me if you are interested.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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