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So initially I posted here asking for info on finding backordered Yamaha part. I was able to locate the part I needed. So I decided to change the post to share what I learned. Here are some tips....

I called Yamaha corp itself but they could only give me rough expected date of backordered part being restocked. They couldn't (or wouldn't?) tell me the stock individual dealers. (Note....Partzilla's estimated ship date was closest to what Yamaha told me.)

I found the best way is to call your local Yamaha dealer. They can see which other dealers have the part you need in stock. So even though the part I needed was backordered, I still was able to locate the part in another dealer in another state. Also, you can try dealers in Canada (although the price for my part was much higher there.)

So just because a part is backordered doesn't mean that any dealer(s) won't have the part in stock.
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