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Second owner of an 06 660 that has had the idiot lights replaced with a digital dash and GOK what else..

As a morphometrically disadvantaged induhvidual(old fat man), I have read a lot of posts about the POS stock ignition switch. Mine was misbehaving and after a younger more flexible friend helped me change the oil, it decided to do a "Tango Uniform"... I ordered the replacement toggle based on a previous post and then after hooking it up and re-attaching the + terminal thought I was home free. When the toggle was turned to "on"... The digital display lit.... Then when I pushed it up to the "start" I got a single click.. The bottom fell out of my gut and that's no small thing.. WTF. There are at least a dozen things that could now be wrong!! My electrical skills are there with the Geico Gecko. But there were more than a few posts that the battery could be the problem. And the Rhino had been started every week or so since last January but not run a lot... I hooked up the charger and am happy to report that the cold blooded b$^%h is tuning over. GOK how much $$$ you guys have saved me at the local dealership.

BTW I ordered three of the toggle switches as they had a $50. minimum but the rules of the "game" are that if you have a replacement then the original never breaks and having a third ensures reliability until you misplace/lose the other two.

Thanks again for all the helpful posts on "starter problems 06 660"


Now to get this cold blooded beast to start easily. I think I will start with the squeeze bulb in line.

You guys are the best...
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