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well we went to the dunes last weekend for the first shake down run of my sv swap. all and all it went pretty good! a few bugs here and there but nothing major!.

as far as fun factor this think gets a 10 its a blast to drive! and it has plenty of low end grunt! now for performance i think it is comparable to a piped and programmed xp. but it will pull a little more up top then a xp.

in these videos there is a turboed 4 seater rzr, a white stock xp, a red turboed xp, and me. in the rolling video its me, a turboed xp, and a piped and programmed xp. turbo xp had no paddles

i was running 10 paddle extremes but i think im going to bump up to some 16 paddle sandblasters or far east paddles. my sv is completely stock! i will be putting a pc3 on it soon and hopefully turbo it next winter.

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