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So I picked up a set of stock wheels w/brand new tires off of Craigslist a couple months ago. Dropped them off with a buddy to get powder coated black. I was super excited about this... I get them home set them next to the Rhino. A couple of days ago I walk and I say "what the hell!?!?!" those aren't the wheels I dropped off. I look closer and I either bought the wrong wheels or the powder coater accidentally switched them out with someone elses...

Regardless I have a BEAUTIFUL set of Teryx (Almost positive that's what they are) freshly powdercoated black if anyone knows anybody who may need them or has a Teryx. I'd consider selling them with Tires, although I would like to keep the tires, as I wanna pick up a spare set of wheels.

Tires need shined, but are brand new.

FML... :12:


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