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Steve with Rhino Bodywerks is here again

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I was here once before and now I am here again. Guess I got lost in the did not visit enough catagory. Won't let that happen again!

If anyone is looking for a hat to put over that long travel kit, give us a visit at www.rhinobodywerks.com Home of the largest aftermarket body for the rhino.
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Welcome, glad your back! :D
whats you price for a tailgate or tailgate cover. I hate having to shave these gates and get them ready for paint.
We do not make a tailgate or tailgate cover. We have an bolt on application that does not require the removal of the tailgate. Here are a few shots of the rear end before we charge up the shocks.


Hope my avatar is working better. The first one I posted was about the size of an ant. :oops:
Welcome to Rhinoforums !. All that matters is that you came back ! :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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