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Hi all,

I've looked through the forums and haven't quite seen the problem I'm having. It's a 2006 Rhino 700. When starting it seems that the starter is having trouble turning the motor over. Sometimes it won't even get an entire rotation in. Other times it turns over a few times with a chick-chick-clunk, chick-chick-clunk. The clunk shakes the entire bike. Finally, and here is the head scratcher. If you catch it in the sweet spot, it fires right up. Bike runs fine once it's going, just has a hard time getting starter.

It's a brand new battery on the bike.

Here's what I think the possible problems are:

-Bad Starter relay
-Bad Starter

Here's what my buddy thinks the possible problems are:
-Motor is out of timing and compression locking (it has been rebuilt)
-Lower end issue

I'll try and get some video tonight. I am going to bypass the starter relay and see if it needs to be replaced.
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