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Skid Plates

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Do these things really need Skid plates ? Dont they come with underside protection ?
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the skid plate are to add more protection. i'm very close to makeing one of mine because i tend to go over big rocks at high speed
Has it caused any damage ?
nothing major

I already busted my floor boards on rock
They make some covers that go under the floor board and will protect the floor boards from rocks and sticks .....

The plastic skid plates that come stock suck ..... I cracked mine in the first few days .....

HCR makes some nice stock replacment skid plates made out of aluminum for the front and rear at a good price .... they are great if you dont want to buy the whole skid plate package ..... I think the rear is $ 50.00 and the front is $ 75.00 ........ they usually list them on Ebay ....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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