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So I wanted to put a side mirror on the rhino and i have no money

I have a motorcycle not running in the garage taking up space so i borrowed the screw in type mirror for this project
I need a clamp to mount it to the rhino so i am at home depot and i find a fence clamp that is 1 5/8" .98$ knowing my cage is 1 3/4" i do some complex trig or something and figure close enough whats 1/8"

I was wrong!

Not willing to give up (I am not a quitter thats why I have been smoking for too many years) i decide i need to heat the clamp with a torch and maybe i can stretch it out by hammering it red hot
it worked i cool it back down and tap it around the cage to get a round shape back

Next step is to dip it in the plasti dip 6.69$ (home depot)
let it sit overnight

I had to buy a metric nut to fit the mirror .88$ (home depot)

Put it on the rhino sweet fully adjustable mirror for a couple bucks
also theses clamps will work for anything on the cage if you stretch them and yes after they have been heated and hammered they still are just as sturdy they do fit the top support bars on the rhino without being stretched you can find mirrors on jcwhitney for cheap lots of styles chrome and stainless etc.

Hope everyone enjoys this thread i love seeing how people can do something cool with nothing please feel free to post some cheap stuff you have done Thanks :fingersx:


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