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Roll Over Injuries

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Thought you guys would like these


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put a beware, this is very graphic on the title. That just sucks, hope you get better soon!!!
OUCH ..... Can you say "Leg Protection"......
the funy part is it says attached thumbnails, should say detached toenails =-)
:eek: oh man... i still need to hear that story of what happened Vince.

Yes, leg-minders or doors are the way to go.

Sorry you got injured buddy.
Vince, that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo nasty!! Just what I needed to see this morning with my cup of coffee!! YUM,,,,,now where is my doughnuts??
I bet you got some good drugs for that too!!!
the funy part is it says attached thumbnails, should say detached toenails =-)


Is that you Bdyzr1? Damn!

Damn!!!!!!! im definitly wearing my chippewa boots when I ride...
I have heard the story and he was trying to do a one footer out the drivers side while riding on 2 wheels. I do agree this is a tough trick to do.

Sometimes you end up on your side and have your foot smashed between the ground and your roll cage. Note: The ground is not forgiving and your cage are not that forgiving....but you toes are.

Glad to see you have those half doors on there.

I can't wait to see Vince try to do the world first Rhino back flip!!!
Yeah that does suck some serious ass. Full doors is the only way to fly if you're gonna get so crazy that you may roll over thats for sure!!! Tell that doc to keep the vicodin coming, cuz that looks like it calls for a serious dosage! Well heal up and lets go ride! With doors that is!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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