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Hi all, I’ve pulled my Rhino clutch down and found what I expected. The wet clutch is fried. I have been able to get my hands on a good second hand wet clutch assembly out of a 2015 Grizzly.
My buggy is a 2012 Rhino.
What I’ve noticed is that the one way bearing has what looks like a “thrust” bearing or cap on the inside face of the 2015 clutch. The OWB has the same part number across the two variants. The wet clutch carrier also has the same part number. The only difference is the clutch drum has a different part number but I can’t see any actual difference in the two parts yet. Have not used a vernier yet to measure anything. All the bearings are the same.
Has anyone else used a later model wet clutch set up? I intend on using the entire kit, housing and all.
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