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660 special edition
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4 weeks ago i paid 3000 Euro for a 07 660.
I was going to buy a new 150cc Chinese side by side, but my friend said he knew of a Rhino that was just in for in engine service, and the owner wanted 3500 for it.

The engine was solid, the gathers on the shafts were all holding up well. it needed new rear springs and had electrical problems.

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That was it the day i picked it up.

The shopping list of repairs were
2 rear springs, 2 front springs,
Front Yoke, rear shaft Boss and cover,
3 sets of break pads.
Oils Filters.

The front drive shaft made a unholy rattling sound. which turned out to be the splines on the Joke were worn, I flipped the drive shaft around to fix this while waiting for parts.
all three breaks were seized on the sliders and no pads left on the back, elbow grease a hammer and real grease fixed all three calipers.
I used ratchet straps to change the rear and front springs, I did order what turned out to be front shocks for the back. and ordered extra strong set for the back and did a swap.
It would not go over 30 mph, it turned out to be a faulty reversing sensor, i took out the washer and took .5mm off it, and it fixed the issue.
The Rear diff mount was broken on the driver's side, on both points, I welded up new brackets and thats good to go now.

I sent to wheels off to get Sandblasted Whyle waiting for tyres, they came back great . So i primed them and painted in the chip restante paint.
As well as striping and refinishing any parts that were overly rusty.

Its looking good and running great.
Just need to change the Diff and Engin oil before i take it for a big day out

Long Live the Rhino
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Nice job! You're off to a good start with that beast. Welcome to the forum and keep us updated with your progress (y)
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