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Last weekend the wife and I went for a ride on some woodland trails. After puttering around for awhile the temp light came on. I've ridden on Black Mt. in Harlan and never had it overheat, but the day was warm so we stopped to let it cool. By this time we were on a gravel road so when it cooled I shifted to high range to move faster. Within a couple of hundred feet we stopped to turn around and it died. It fired once then wouldn't start. The temp light had not come on again. Then I remembered reading about the fuel filter being a frequent problem. Luckily I had bought a Fram replacement and had it with me. After changing the filter, we had no more problems.

Since lean a carb makes the engine run hotter, I'm wondering if the filter may have caused it to overheat by running the engine extremely lean on fuel before becoming completely clogged.
Is that likely?
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