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Alright you purists and "do things the right way" guys , look away or keep scrolling. This is gonna get ugly ;)

All you other cheap a$$'s like me keep reading. Here's how you get OEM quality wet clutch shoes for around $50-$60. I done this to my father's grizzly about 6 years ago and his is still going strong. I just got a rhino on the cheap that needed a wet clutch so I did the same thing to it. Figured id throw it on the forums this time. You order Honda Foreman 450 (1998-200?) wet clutch shoes part number 22535-HN0-305 and "modify" them to fit the 660 hub. The shoes are $45-$60 most places I've looked. I'll upload pics of what I did. All you have to do is notch out the tail end of the shoe arm to allow the Foreman shoes to sit at the same level.

Here is the comparison of the 2 shoes. Foreman 450 is on the right. They are almost identical except for the step down pointed out.


Foreman shoe on bottom. The 660 shoe's metal base is just a tad longer but the friction material area is almost identical.


Here's how you cut the shoe. I just used a flap wheel on my angle grinder. A mill or carbide cutter on a drill press would look better , but who has time for all of that. You just grind down one "layer" to clear the shoulder on the 660 hub. You do end up taking off what looks to be the bottom cross pins (or whatever those dimples are)for that layer but as shown there are 3 more to the pack to hold it together.... hopefully ;)

All done and ready to install

New shoe installed next to the original

The springs sit one layer lower installed on the hub but they do not rub the base. I didn't weigh them to see any difference but as far as how they function and rpm they engage , i cant tell a difference on dads grizzly. I slugged the Rhino's
Rim Bicycle part Automotive wheel system Circle Auto part

Put it all back together and go ride. I've got 2 rides on the Rhino and its working great. Like i said at the top. Dads grizzly has 6 years on it with the shoes done this way. Spend the $250 you saved on something else. Or better yet, paypal me beer money at [email protected] lol
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