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have a rhino 660 that I have inherited as a project to try and get running. it's been sitting for a couple or 3 years but owner claims it was running when parked. after doing some general cleanup and maintenance and trying to get it started I see that the starter is straining very hard to turn the engine over and only is able to make about 5 or 6 revolutions before it drags down to nothing and it won't turn over.

I have connected directly from a brand new automotive sized battery, fully charged with jumper cable straight to the starter and it still does this five or six revolutions and stops thing. it does this with the spark plug removed so I don't see how it could be a decompression issue.

The starter itself and the jumper cables to the battery get very hot even in the short five or six revolution cycle.

seems to me that it either has to be a bad starter or something in the engine is loading the starter down very badly but I don't know what's in there that could do that.

any thoughts?

thanks !
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