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Have a 2006 Rhino 660. Bought several years ago and have had ongoing problems with fuel pumps. I have been through 4 genuine Yamaha fuel pumps and was recently talked into trying a completely different type of pump by reasonably good mechanic. Result is always the same

lines have been checked, tank has been checked. went to an authorized Yamaha dealer arlingtonmotorsports.net and let them go 'through it' for about 6 weeks. everything else is working exactly as it should.

The issue is anywhere from a few minutes of operating to sometimes as long as a few months. Runs like a champ.......then it just dies. Fuel not getting to carb. I can manually prime it and get around, but I need to find out what is killing the fuel pumps

any help or recommendation to competent mechanic much appreciate. I am in the DFW area.
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