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Here's a little something that I put together for remote chasing, pitting, and duning. I rarely have the luxury of having a chase truck so we generally just throw a handheld, some parts, and a can of gas at someone with a UTV and is willing to pit for us..... Problem is handhelds suck unless you're in a line of sight with the other radio. I decided it was time to quit playing around and get a legit setup that would be reliable.... I figured I'd build a self contained box that would house most of my extra radio equipment, and have on board chargers. It would also need to have storage for the 25" antenna and cable. (Not pictured. There will be 5x5" SS upright boxes bolted to the side for antenna and tripod storage) Also included but not pictured is a custom jumper cable for a truck battery should the onboard battery die.

$20 Stanley rolling tool box

Fry's Electronics
Auxiliary radio speaker
Heavy duty antenna tripod
Surge protector

120 Male flush mount receiver for extension cord

TMW Offroad:
Odyssey deep cycle battery
Battery tender

PCI Race Radios:
50w Icom race radio
25" antenna and cable for pit use
Truck antenna for mobile use

Rugged Race Radios
Headset w/ PTT
Driving kit w/ PTT
Roll Bar mount handheld holder

Weather pack Connectors
Heat shrink
Ring terminals
Sheet metal

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Nice little piece of engineering B!

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