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Regulator question

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So, I recently aquired a 2007 Rhino 660. 145 hours with 345 miles total. Guy I bought it from said it didn't run (which it didn't). But it was too good a deal to pass up. Has a full cage, front push bar, a bunch of offroad lights, aftermarket chromed wheels, and a killer stereo system (which doesn't work).
Anyway, I got it home, charged the dead batteries (it had 2, I I think is just for the stereo) and filled the gas tank, and it runs great. I put in 2 new batteries (AGM's) and can ride it for about 2 hours, but then the primary battery dies and it shuts down. I checked the voltage and it's not charging. Checked all the wioring I can get to and even put in a new ground as the forum says that's a common cause.
I ordered the replacement voltage regulator, but what I seem to have is some kind of aftermarket regulator. At least, that's what I think.
Pictures of the one that's on it and the new one shown. Am I correct that this is not a factory regulator, and if so, does anyone know where I can get a replacement?
Photo 1-3 is the regulator that's on it.
#4 is the replacement I ordered.
Appreciate any help. Thanks


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1 more question. What is this harness/connector next to the steering shaft for?
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Well, I figured out that the empty connector harness fits the factory voltage regulator, but plugging in a new one didn't cure my problem. Still have no charging voltage going to batteries.
Figured it out. The oversized regulator was bad. Took it off, rewired back to OE and plugged in the OE regulator. It's charging fine. Don't know how well the OE one will work with all the extra lights. Looking for a better regulator that will charge both batteries and handle the load of the extra lights and such.
Does your buggy have a battery isolator or separator or are both batteries wired directly?
Does your buggy have a battery isolator or separator or are both batteries wired directly?
Currently running 2 AGM style batteries, They are wired through a battery isolator. System is back to running the OE voltage regulator. When I got it, both batteries were completely dead. I replaced 1 with a full size AGM group 24 for the primary, and followed with a U1 style AGM for the lights and radio/amp/speakers.
So far,it's working, but have only run it during the day. The big load will come at night when all the lights are on.
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