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I purchased a complete, used wiring harness for a 700FI from micusedparts.com through ebay. I paid appox. $280.00 ($354 Canadian). I only needed one leg of the harness so I cut off what I needed to replace and spliced it to my existing harness.

The leg I cut off goes to the engine. There are 8 connectors, 26 wires now missing from the harness. The missing harness leg goes to: Gear position switch, reverse switch, parking brake switch, intake air temp sensor, intake air pressure sensor, TPS (throttle position sensor), ISC (idle speed control) unit, and the ignition coil.

If you need a partial wiring harness that does not include any of the above, this could work for you. I can send you any pics you may need.

I'm asking for $125 and I will cover shipping anywhere in the cont. U.S. or Canada.

I have tried to indicate the section of wiring harness that is missing in white below:
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