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Hi Guys, I bought a trashed Rhino 660 thinking I could fix it up for a cheap ride this summer. Well after dozens of hours and lots of $$$ , I have given up on my project. I have listed some parts that I have purchased that were never used. They are priced below what I paid for them. I'm just looking to get out of it. I also have lots of miscellaneous oil seals and parts that are not on the list. Please look it over and give me your best offers. If your looking for something that's not on the list, just let me know and ill see if if i still have them or not. Thanks for looking! Pictures available upon request.

5KM-11101-01 Cylinder Head Assembly Bare w/o valves $300

3YF-11181-00 Cylinder Head Gasket $25

5KM-11310-00 Cylinder Body (Jug) $200

5KM-11351-00 Cylinder Base Gasket $5

3YF-11631-00-X0 Piston $40

2C6-11603-00 Piston Rings $15

3YF-11633-01 Piston Pin $10

93450-24028 Piston Pin Circlip x2 $1.50

5KM-12170-00 Camshaft $120

5KM-12210-00 Cam Chain Tensioner $40

4DW-12213-00 Cam Chain Tensioner Gasket $1.50

94591-46126 Cam Chain $20

5KM-12420-10 Water Pump Assembly $65

5KM-16620-00 Wet Clutch Shoes $150

4SH-16664-00 One Way Bearing $45

Dry Clutch Assembly $250

5UG-18300-01 Shifter Assembly $70

5UG-46101-01 Rear Differential $600

5UG-46160-10 Front Differential $600

5KM-4616A-02 Servo Motor $140

5UG-F2210-20 Rear Shocks $75

5UG-F3350-10 Front Shocks $75

5FU-F3549-00 Ball Joint $20

93410-32826 Circlip $1.50

5UG-F3400-00 Steering Assembly Rack and Pinion $200

5UG-F3501-11 Front Left Knuckle $90

5UG-F3502-11 Front Right Knuckle $90

3LD-2580T-01 Front Right Brake Caliper $80

3LD-2580U-01 Front Left Brake Caliper $80

3LD-W0045-00 Front Brake Pads (1 Set) $20

5UG-F582T-00 Front Brake Disc $25

5UG-F530F-11 Rear Knuckle $100

5UG-2580V-01 Rear Caliper Assembly $100

5UG-W0046-01 Rear Brake Pads $20

5UG-F5831-00 Rear Brake Disc $30

5UG-2583T-00 Brake Master Cylinder $100

5KM-81450-11 Rotor Assembly (Magneto) $120

5UG-85540-10 CDI (Aftermarket) $70

5BN-81960-00 Rectifier & Regulator $60

Let me know if your interested in anything. Willing to take Best Reasonable Offer ! Lots of other parts too !!! Pictures available upon request.

Paypal Only !

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Can I get a pic of these two?
5UG-F3501-11 Front Left Knuckle $90

5UG-F3502-11 Front Right Knuckle $90

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do you have the stock carb? shoot me a text 707 888 8811 adam
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