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Oil Filter question

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Is there a cross refereance to an easy to find filter such as a fram. Something I can get locally? I'm 50 miles from the nearest Yamaha dealer...

thanks in advance...

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oil filters

i bought one at NAPA auto parts there still like 10 bux but might help if its closer!!

Thanks :p
jusduneit, great Web site, looks like the K&N filters are OK, Fram are not to good.
walmart st7317 $2.17 been using them for 2 years now no problems
I wouldn't use a fram filter on any atv or utv they have a problem of falling apart.. I have seen it with my own eyes..
I Sell Them At Glamis For $6.95, Ill Be There This Weekend On Vendors Row Glamis Flats

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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