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Hello eveyone,
Just bought my wife a 07 660 and I was looking to upgrade the following:
Air Intake, pipe, possibly header, seats and tires. What brands do you recommend? Anyone got some good used stuff they be intersted in selling?

Im also thinking about getting the body painted. I've shopped around and some of these paint jobs are pretty pricy. So I'm looking for someone local (Fontana, CA) who can paint a body for me. Nothing too outragious, just something nice. After all its for the wife..:drive:

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Intake choices:
RAIS from ebay
Hi flow UNi filter on stock housing
UNI and hardtyle from rhinocrap
Lid or no lid is available with harstyle intake
EHSracing has a opening upgrade to the cover

You can bore the carb from rhinocraft or alba
KMS sells a mikuni upgrade plus alot of other performance mods.
ACI sells a carb that's good for wide open runs
rown woods sells a carb upgrade at rotax.net

grind welds and open end with 2" tip, or
buy header from KMS
Alba has an aftermarket pipe with a hushpower 2 car muffle that is good
Two brothers duals are high regarded and expensive.

carlisle 489 are hifghly regard but light weight and wear. For the sand they are great. The maxxis bighorns are great for desert and rugged and dependable and wear long.

Seats, don't know. I was going to try these guys.

Most go with PRP or mastercraft or beard.

Trinity here in AZ does good worki cheaper but not local to fontana.
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