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Hey guys! I'm way excited about this!

Mr.Offroad (Michael) BKozan (Brian) and myself have been working on getting this up with a new logo! Michael did an awesome job on the logo, and I cant thank him enough! We have a few small bugs that we will continue to work out. You probably won't even notice the bugs, but if you do please post them!

I wanted to post this thread to get feedback from you guys. You may or may not come across any problems with the new format. If you do, please post your findings here, rather than sending PM's or emails. We will be checking this thread regularly, and customizing the forum to best suit our needs. Please let us know what you like or do not like. I'm leaving the Andromeda (Red Black) style as our default, and I'll be working on getting a darker text, and different icons at the bottom of posts. Please note that we have included two other styles to choose from, should you not like the default style. You can change the forum style at the bottom of the page, or within your user control panel. Please take a moment to get situated with the new format. You may not like the change at first, but I believe you'll learn to love it!

Thanks for your comments guys! We're here to accommodate you! Let us know what you would like to see!

Brian B

1 - 7 of 8 Posts
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