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new toy to try this weekend (Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Meter )

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anyone have any tips on using this thing?:1zhelp:

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Log a few 0-top speed pulls, do your tuning, and forget about it! I installed an AEM wideband last week, did my tuning, and now no longer even look at the display! I suppose the display is good in case of a fuel pump failure, or dramatic altitude change, but thats about it!

What performance mods do you have?

exhaust,web cam,mikuni carb,cdi ,moded the air box,686 piston,i forget what else :24: hope to see if its running to its full potential. i havent read the instructions yet but i did weld in the o2 senson insert .what kind of read do i want to see if its jetted correctly?:drive:
Thats it......Im getting that AEM!
Did you get the RPM option? I think it would be cool to plot with the RMP on the screen.

For you guys that don't know that innovate can dump to a spreadsheet for plotting the O2.
no , i wish we would have got the RPM Converter . after this weekend im sure ill get it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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