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Hey everyone, I'm Travis... I just picked up my first rhino yesterday. I got an 07, 660. Pretty stoked, it has been fairly taken care of and has a lot of modifications done to it properly.

It does have a case of the carpenter explores DC wiring... ha. Lots of taps and electrical tape. So first and foremost it's putting proper heat shrink connectors and cleaning up the JV wiring.

Only other things really are that I have 2 little girls so I a going to put a bench in the bed with a rollbar extension. It is a little loud in the cab, and since this will be for the wife and kids, I might try to tone it down a bit. I see where it has the aftermarket 2nd muffler on it already. So I am going to try some of the snorkel and sound deadening tricks and see if that will help.

I will try to get some pics loaded up here in a few.


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Welp, took the rhino out for it's first wheeling trip 7 days after ownership. Definitely a fun little rig! My wife put a half a tank of fuel through it yesterday.

Things I noticed...

Transmission can be difficult to shift, especially into reverse
Gear indicator lights have a mind of their own
The engine puts out some HEAT!
Noticed a little puff of blue smoke everyone once in a while. It wasn't enough to catch when or what the circumstance was causing the oil smoke. But something I will be watching closely.
The 27's on her will get into the bed and sound like you are ripping the bed off if you stuff a rear tire!

But grand scheme of things... it did everything we asked of it.

Already putting together a list of "improvements" the wife and kids want to make. New front seats, rear seats and cage, new windshield, etc... little things. I think I might put a cdi on it for the time being. Also, I saw the .50 cal 686 kits are VERY affordable... what do people think of their cylinders? They quality or are they rebranded junk?

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One suggestion I would have to start is the Ryde-on dust cover. It will prevent heat and dust from coming in around the engine and behind the seats. It also helps with noise. I have tried the second muffler/ silencer and am not impressed. I expect it reduces the noise for people riding behind you but a lot of the noise in the cab is from the intake etc, and not necessarily all noise from the tailpipe.
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