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Hey guys, just getting started and looking for my first Rhino. Been following FB Marketplace avidly for a couple weeks.

The reason I decided to move up is that I hunted out West a couple years ago (I'm an avid big game hunter and write quite a bit for hunting magazines) with a guy who had just bought a Rhino and I thought, now this is getting around like someone who has seen a thing or two. If I hunt wilderness I take llamas, but for getting from here to there I think I'm going to do the UTV thing.

I've been looking at 2006 and 2007 (which seems like 80% of the used market under $6000) and a few 2012s.

I live in NC, and it seems like 90% of the Rhinos for sale are from WV, KY, GA, AL, MS and LA, hardly any in NC, VA or SC, not sure why. Makes buying a lot more difficult because the drive to check it out is at least 5 hours.

I've got some questions but wanted to introduce myself first.
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