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New member w/ diff lock switch that won't turn to lock position

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Hi All! I was excited to find this forum with recent posts since they no longer make this beast.

My name is Gary and I'm located in Sugar Land, Texas.

I have been the proud owner of a 2009 EFI Special Edition model of the venerable Yamaha Rhino for about a year and a half now and it is quite the upgrade from my matching pair (2001 and 2009) Kawasaki 2WD Bayou 250's, especially since a friend (and lease-mate) gave me a great deal on it and I was able to sell the 2 of them for more than I paid for the Rhino in this crazy ATV market!

I keep my Rhino at my deer lease near Blessing, Texas where the highest elevation is only about 9 feet above sea level, so we have lots of mud to contend with after any significant rain but that is not a problem with the Rhino.

I initially had some overheating issues that were resolved by cleaning the radiator and upgrading the cooling fan (for good measure, but probably unnecessary). I have replaced the stock halogen(?) bulbs with LED bulbs with great results and also replaced the 4 aftermarket PIAA (halogen) spotlights with a pair of 4" Nilight Flood/Spot Combo) on the front bumper and a 32" Nilight Spot/Flood Combo Lightbar under the front roof. They were fairly inexpensive and the reviews were mixed but so far (1 year of use) they have worked out well for me and really light up the night coming in after the evening hunt.

One nagging issue that I' would appreciate some insight/advice on is that my diff lock switch seems to be frozen so that I can't turn it to access the 4WD Lo and Diff Lock buttons...the 2WD/4WD buttons work and 4WD engages/disengages fine but the switch is stuck in that position. Does anyone know (for sure) if that switch does anything besides allow access to the 4WD Lo and Diff Lock buttons? I found an old post that suggested spraying the switch with lubricant and then trying to force it but I hesitate to do that for fear of breaking something...any suggestions or similar experience out there?

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I've always been told and it has been mentioned on here several times that the switch does nothing but keep the front end locker from being engaged accidently. Mine stuck and I was able to spray some WD40 all in it from cab and from under the hood and was able to wiggle it back and forth to get it loose. Now it is part of my normal lubrication routine.

Welcome to the forum. You will find amazing amounts of info on here.
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