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gday,this is my first post,im looking at purchasing new sheave kit,i currently have epi kit with purple spring,im hearing alot about jbs sheave kit,where do i get this from,i want to improve low down at the moment it bogs off idle made snorkle larger and improved alot,jetting is 150 main,40 pilot thick shim under clip,stage 1 hotcam,i did have full alba system and dynajet kit ,unifilter in stk airbox,removed it all xcept airfilter,now all stk,mixture screw 1&half turns out ,mostly at 1000meters above sealevel didnt have stumble off idle b4 i done all mods,airbox lid off all good,dont want to run with it off,thanks fellas regards jason
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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