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Need Opinions On My New Bodywerk!!!

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What do you guys think??? Its a real wide hood that I think I will modify, and the rear fenders are from another place, which are nice and wide as well. They are not mounted yet, just propped into place to see if I even want to run them. I like a few other company's body work as well, so just exploring my options!

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Rear fenders I bought off some dude Travis. He owns the mold, a no name brand, and front is from glass works... just pieced together.... which means you like or don't? lol
The rhino looks good all together. I think the hood needs more of a defined front fender line bulge. but imo the whole kit and kaboodle works nicley looks good.
Thanks! I will cut the fender line on the sides up higher along the side body line to try to get that. I thought the same thing!
go with the full bore kit....imo
I like it, but I think I liked the way your Rhino looked before better.
homie.. check out your myspace. i put a pic of that chain drive steering i was telling you about!
I'll take all these comments in consideration! thx
Well of course you know I like it!! Think you should get 7 more
Here is another cutt on fender for race rhinos. Just my .02 Sorry about the slight blurry, but it was shot indoors.

FYI- This rhino has been sold already
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Hey Steve!!! This hood is growing on me more and more every minute, so can't wait to get hood pins today maybe! Hope all is well! I'll send pics when finished.
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