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hey all, i'm new to the forums here. the last few years i've been running rhinos out on the trails with my buddies on the MX's. i've fallen into the roll of "support crew", meaning i haul all the other guys crap! this riding season i'm looking to customize a 450 rhino out to do this task better.
i'm looking for ideas of the best way to haul 1-2 bikes out of the bush if need be, plus pack tire repair, tools, tow ropes, fuel, filters, spare rhino tire, food/beverage, chain saw and shotgun/ammo.

my thoughts are to ditch the rear box and fabricate a flat deck, but i'm open and looking for the best solution.

gimme your input on suspension setup for heavy loads, best way to load bikes and all the crap listed above.

This is from last season. two guys flooded out.

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