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Hello All!
I'm new here or should say this is my first post. I've read a ton of posts and just want to say thanks for the info the forum members have compiled!
I was wondering if anyone could steer me down the right direction as far as clutching 08 Rhino 700 with mods?
Stock engine
Added cam, dual exhaust, hunter works sheave, msd. Currently running 26x9"/26x11 terra cross (look like big horn) tires.
The catch is I have a red neck built cab/power steering/heater/led lights. I'm guessing I've add 250lbs to the rhino.
My current clutch setup is the stock secondary spring and 16 gram weights from hunter works greasless and slug kit. It works, but I can tell the motor is stressing more than it should or it's shifting too fast. If I run it down the highway with no wind I'll see 58 at about 7800 rpms. If I have a tail wind it'll hit 62 mph at 8000 where the rev limiter is set. Against the wind maybe 50? I notice at 43 or so I believe the clutch has shifted fully and when the Rs start to climb it will accelerate faster. I've also had to add a lot of fuel to the preprogrammed map on my MSD which is expected with a heavier than stock unit.
Anyways I just purchased a set of new tires off a can am sidexside that are 28" tires they're called the xps trail king tires.
I was going to try 12 gram weights and the hunter works green spring.
I'm all ears if someone has any kind of setup with a heavier than stock rhino?
I'm not looking for a drag machine or a Mudd machine. Just hunting and yardwork with a little pep for trail riding. Reliability would be priority#1. I do realize bigger tires are harder on these. It's more of a I'm not trying to get stuck or hung up setup and if it gets buried I'm winching not working the piss out of it to get unstuck. To be honest I just needed new tires and these were cheap and the added clearance for snow not mud is what I was going after.
thanks everyone and please chime in if you have any suggestions!
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