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Since I tore up my cheap side mirror on the last outing, I decided I needed a proper rear-view mirror setup. I came across Vic's Light Kits where they have a mirror/light bar combo setup.

It took 2 days for everything to arrive and a couple of hours to install. While the lights are not HID or LED, I really don't care as I just wanted some light in different directions up high because I already have converted the stock headlights to HID.

Here is a picture of the mirror, mirror/light bar:

The install was simple. All I had to do was remove the front two bolts on the factory cage and slide the new bar in. The mirror and lights installed in a snap!

I was able to keep my RhinoGiant fabric cover with this light bar setup. What I did was cut a slot for each light and then ran a ground wire from one of the cage bolts to the first light. I get the best of both worlds!

In all, I am very happy as I only spent around $250 + s/h, tax for this great setup. I got a very nice and tough light bar when all I was originally only out to get a mirror setup.

Wire kit was included and easy to install. I highly recommend this setup to anyone on a budget but wants a decent light kit in conjuction with you HID headlights.
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