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Hey everyone, i finally finished my SV1000 build. I took it out last weekend and it ran great! Put about 20 hard miles on it with no major problems.

first, a little bit about the swap

I used the Weller SV kit and it was a pretty basic install. Yes there is welding to do and some floor cutting and a few other minor chopping, but it sat really nice inside and its easy to get in and out if your going to do engine work.

Jason and the people over at Weller Racing are top notch! really nice guys to work with and always made time to answer my questions...which i had plenty!. If anyone is thinking of doing an SV or R1 swap these are the guys you want to work with.

As for the test run: the motor has plenty of power. if i mashed the throttle it was difficult to get traction! the power comes on nice and linear as well.
i got it up to 60mph in this wash/sand area and it still had plenty to go. One problem i had was that i was running 250lb springs in the rear and it was sagging to much. I just bought some 350lb and that should work well.

thanks to all the people on here who replied to my posts on stuff that ran into during the build.

Also I do not recommend doing a project in the middle of summer, in arizona, in a garage, for 8 hrs a day, when it feels like 180 degrees outside!!

they video is pretty short and it really does not do the rhino justice. next time out i will get some better video.

http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h412/jonjyjon84/Rhino 1000 Build/IMG_20110814_071111.jpg
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