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My project is coming along... We are now also building these turn key for customers

+6 Rhino Craft Long Travel Suspension
+6 So Cal Fab kit is going on this week
Elka Elite Fully adjustable Shocks
LTE Dual Exhaust
AEM Wideband
12 Rock Star Wheels
OMF Beadlocks
Maxxis Big Horn Tires
HIDStore.com HID's
DFR Belts
DFR Two seater cage
DFR Side mirrors
DFR Front Bumper
Jaz Fuel Cell
DFR Leg Minders
Custom WOTM Paint
686 Engine with CP Piston, Ferrea 1mm over Valves, dual valve springs, Ti retainers, CNC'd seats, ported head, K&N Intake
Modded Clutch
PRP Front Seats
Custom Aluminum Floor Boards
Digital Dash

This Rhino stock was a 41mph machine. With the new motor mods it has gone 64mph on the 26in tires!!!! Horsepower is now 45rwhp which is double what it was stock. It's an animal now!

More mods coming soon.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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