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I was given an 06 Rhino 450 by my wife's family. It was her grandfather's that he used to get around on his farm in North GA. It hadn't been ran in a while so I knew it was going to take some work to get it going.

Anyways, got it back home and changed the oil, oil filter, spark plug, and air filter. Drained the fuel and put some 93 octane back in. Got it to fire up after doing all that, but it was pouring fuel from the top and bottom vent hoses on the carburetor. Got luck on Ebay and picked up a genuine Mikuni OEM carb for $100. Slapped it on, primed it, and it fired up again with no leaks. That's where the problem's began.

So, after letting it idle for about 10 minutes I figured it be a good time for a test run. Hopped behind the wheel and noticed the temp light was red. So turned it off and put some fluid in to top it off. Then my son and I took off down the field to see how it ran. Was good for about half a mile, after that it shut off and coasted to a stop. Tried starting it again to no avail. All it would do is puff white smoke out of the exhaust while attempting to start it. Finally got it going and it looked like a steam engine driving it back home.

Parked it and started trying to diagnose what could be wrong and that's where I need y'all's knowledge of these machines.

1) Coolant coming from exhaust. Possible head gasket blown?
2) Hard starts (when it will even crank now).
3) Radiator never got warm even after topping it off and bleeding the air from where a thermostat should be? Could possibly be missing another bleeder bolt.
4) Overflow tank for radiator fills up and overflows.
5) Fan never kicked on. Which could also be from problems 3 and 4.

Sorry for the novel and thanks in advance for any and all help.
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