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Motoalliance Membership update and plow info

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Hey Rhino Gang,
Over the past few weeks we gave some thoughts related to our upcoming membership plan. It was to be rolled out last Monday, but I tabled it for two reasons:

1. I'm personally weary of every company asking me to sign up for things. Social media and email blasts seem to have gotten a bit out of control. Why should we do it too?

2. In providing a 10% member discount, we end up doing away with all other discounts we offer -- including forum discounts or unique situation, etc. We believe so strongly in a personalized business model (meaning we want to listen to and take each customer and their situation seriously) that we didn't want to dehumanize by making everything into some standard discount.

Our customer service reps love to be able to live by people's needs instead of company policy. We have general policies, of course, but we try to give them full power to think for themselves as to what would be best in a given situation.

So in light of this, we have suspended rolling out the program. Your 5% forum discount still applies to everything and you can decide if you want to get special discount emails that we'll send out once a month -- no enrollment needed.

And FYI.....as the weather in the USA goes from 110 degree to 20 and blizzardy, our plow sales are already ramping up substantially. We settled on $699.99 for our 72" blade (available now) and $649.99 for our 66" blade (ready in 6 weeks). You also can get a package discount with our 4000lb VIPER ELITE winch on these.

They are county-style blades that can move maximum amounts of snow and we've developed significant reinforcement into our system so you can actually drive faster than 5 MPH (but not 25! ) when you are plowing snow.

We have one scratch and dent 72" plow (barely noticeable) still available for $619.99. The other one was sold earlier this week.

Thanks everyone.....have a great weekend.

Moto Alliance
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