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I sold the 660 rhino so I have some parts for sale.here's a few items if you need something else let me know I have lots of parts
660 complete stock exhaust $150 sold thanks steve
all stock a arms sets$80
new alba high flow pump $30 sold
new stock fuel pump $20 sold thanks carl
non res. stock shocks black $80
stock cdi $20 sold
new belt goodyear $15 belt sold thanks michael
660 used cvt filter and outer wear $10
700 used cvt filter and outer wear $10
outer tie rods $15 for two
new right spindle $100 sold thanks erik
sheeve with 14gram wieghts $40 sold
stock seatbelts both driver&pass. $40 one set sold thanks joe, all sold thanks brent
stock rack&pinion $150 sold
secondary spring blue $10 sold
rhino rear sway bar $25
two rhino steering shaft $25 sold thanks erik&josh
front diff for 700 rhino $275
front complete axles for 700 $120 each can be used for either side
front 700 hubs & rotors,calipers, hose $175 thanks josh
air filter with outerwear bolts directly to carb from dasa racing $30
loose cv joints inner or outer $40-60
660 service manual $15 sold thanks Hugo
pm me I might have what your looking for?
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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